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The Repercussions of the Tragedy in Aurora, Colorado

Another angle on the events at Theater #9 in the Century 16 Complex in Aurora, Colorado

Written by Patricia I. James**

This Post is about as far off the mark of medical malpractice as I can probably get.  It is not about the shooter/coward.  Nor is it about the direct victims and their families.  Much will be written about them and I am not even closely qualified to comment.

This is about the impact on movie goers of which I am, admittedly, infrequently one.  Now, you may think that this is a shallow take on this tragedy.  Maybe it is.  However, I think you will relate to it.

On Saturday, July 21, 2012, Nancy Doyle Palmer wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled “Aurora, Colorado – – I Lost It At the Movies.”   It is eloquent and understated (which is a good thing).

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**The views expressed in this Post are solely those of the author.