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Written by: Patricia I. James**

Post #15 concerned a doctor who was engaging in balance billing, basically trying to get paid the entire amount of her bill rather than just accepting what the insurance company paid. One of the comments I received was a vote for socialized medicine. I responded to her comment and suggested she read an article in Forbes that dealt with that issue. I subsequently read back issues of the Los Angeles Times (Saturday is my day to read the week’s editions), and came across an article by Chad Terhune which addressed the fact that Anthem/Blue Cross was going to cut Cedars-Sinai (Cedars”) and UCLA from its health plan.

Now, these two issues are not at opposite ends of the spectrum. If I drew a circle (imagine a clock), I would arbitrarily put socialized medicine at 2:00 and insurance coverage at, say, 7:00. (My circle, my rules). However, they both address what type of care a patient may be able to receive.