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Written by: Patricia I. James**

This post addresses a scene in the second episode of “Monday Mornings” (See Post #25). Again, it involved peer review known as “Morbidity and Mortality” and dealt with consenting a patient.

Neurosurgeon Tina Ridgeway, M.D. was invited to the podium to discuss the file of patient Francine Cash. Ms. Cash had a tumor on the brain and underwent an operation. Dr. Ridgeway said that the “procedure seemingly went well with no incident.” The Chief Surgeon, Dr. Hooten, pounced on the word “seemingly.” He asked Dr. Ridgeway about the risks of surgery. She said that the risks were bleeding, infection, stroke and possible damage to olfactory nerve (pertaining to the sense of smell) which ran proximate to the growth. If the nerve was nicked or cut, Ms. Cash could lose her sense of smell.