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Written by Patricia I. James**

Yesterday, I attended a Case Management Conference (“CMC”) (See Post # 3) in Riverside. I drove there. I know I should have made a telephonic appearance as did the two opposing counsel. However, it is so invigorating to get up at 5:00 a.m., hit stop and go traffic on the I-215, breathe in the exhaust fumes and just barely make it to court at 8:30 a.m. Nothing like that adrenaline rush.

Two things occurred at the hearing which were interesting, at least, to me. First, there was actually a court reporter at the hearing in Riverside. Although I have only attended two or three hearings in San Diego County since the cessation of court reporters, each time it has seemed strange to not see them. Now it seemed odd to see one. I guess the ax has not come down yet in Riverside County.

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Written by : Patricia I. James **

Summary: You have medical insurance. You go to the emergency room because you need immediate medical care. It is your understanding that the doctor will accept whatever your insurance pays. Well, in somewhere between ten and fifty cases, Dr. Jeannette Martello did not and instead went after the patients for the full amount.

The source of today’s Post is an article entitled “State Suing Doctor Over Billing Tactics” published by Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times. It states that Jeannette Martello is a plastic surgeon who worked under contract to provide on-call emergency services at Huntington Memorial Hospital’s (“HMH”) emergency room.

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Who said judges can’t be funny? Not me.

Written by:  Patricia I. James**

I refer you to the case of Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corporation, Inc., (S.D. Tex. 2001) 147 F.Supp. 2d 668. Granted, it does not involve medical malpractice. Further, the opinion was written by now former U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent who, according to various sources on the Internet, is serving a 33- month prison term which commenced June 15, 2009. Nonetheless, it is one of the funniest opinions I have ever read. And, having been asked this before, yes, it is a real case. I am just so glad that I was not one of the attorneys he lambasted.

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This Post is, hopefully, an interesting overview of a few types of hearings (don’t fall asleep yet), and a few days in the life.

Written by :  Patricia I. James**

I appear at my fair share of Case Management Conferences which is where the Judge either sends me to mediation or arbitration or, more likely in my cases, sets the case for trial. He or she also sets dates for the Trial Readiness Conference [FN1], discovery and motion cutoff and either sets the date for posting of jury fees and expert exchanges or says that they are set per code. [FN2] I also appear at various motion hearings including demurrers [FN3] and motions for summary judgment. [FN4]

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In my humble opinion, legal television shows cannot be dead-on if they are going to be interesting.

Written by: Patricia I. James**

I have to chuckle when I hear a lawyer saying something like, “That episode of (insert name of legal television show here) was so unrealistic.  That would never happen in court/a law firm.”  Or someone, obviously not a lawyer, saying something like, “That episode of (insert name of legal television show here, maybe the same one that was listed above) was so interesting. It must be so exciting to practice law.” (Actually, it depends on the day).