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Men, You Are Fine Just the Way You Are

Summary: Just Don’t Do It (Phalloplasty Surgery)!
Although I have no personal knowledge of this, I have heard that, when men go to the restroom, they check out each other’s penis size.  I would be inclined to think this is true since where else would men get the idea that they are too small?

Having said that, there was a porn star in the late ‘60s to late ‘80s, one John C. Holmes, who  starred in over 2,000 porn movies.  Stories varied as to the length of his penis, anywhere from 12-5/8″ long to 13-1/2″ long.  At the height of his career, Holmes claimed to have had his penis insured by Lloyd’s of London for $14 million, claiming that he was insured “for $1 million an inch”.  Thus, maybe it is the legendary Mr. Holmes who fueled the “need” for men to make their penises larger.

As it were, it appears that the normal or average size penis is about 3.5 inches when flaccid and about 5.1 inches when erect. That being true, that would make Mr. Holmes, God rest his soul, abnormal, very, very abnormal.

Nonetheless, and not saying that most men want to be THAT large, many men are undergoing surgery to become larger.  They are willing to pay substantial amounts of money to achieve that goal, the minimum amount I have seen being $12,000.00.

Now, I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training.  I am a medical malpractice attorney who depends on qualified doctors to tell me about the medicine and help me determine whether my client has a viable case.

In regard to phalloplasty, also known as penile enhancement surgery, I consulted with two board certified urologist.  The following is the information I gleaned from these doctors:

  1. Phalloplasty is represented as enlarging the penis both by length and circumference In order to “lengthen” the penis, all the surgeon does is cut the suspensory ligament.  Although the penis will appear longer since it is hanging lower, it has not actually been lengthened. Also, and this is something that I have NEVER seen disclosed in a consent form for this type of surgery, it  may make the penis both appear and actually become SHORTER when there is scarring after surgery.   “WHAT,” you say, “My penis can actually shrink after this surgery?  Yes, afraid so.
  2. Regarding making the penis larger in circumference, a foreign substance, usually human tissue from a cadaver (think “dead people”) is put inside the penis to increase the size.  This will initially make the penis appear larger in circumference.  However, this tissue will often eventually be absorbed into the body ultimately resulting in no lasting result or can lead to nodules or contraction or skin damage with associated deformity of a penis that was normal before surgery.  The board certified urologists I contacted believe that the use of this tissue has not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use in phalloplasty procedures.  They also are unaware of any teaching hospitals or medical schools that teach this procedure in the United States.
  3. In sum, men undergoing this expensive surgery, which is not covered by insurance in an attempt to have a larger penis, could actually lead to severe shrinkage, deformity and dysfunction as the outcome.

In support of these opinions, and for further reading on this subject, please view the “Penis-Enlargement Products: Do They Work?” article published by the Mayo Clinic Staff.

So, before you undergo this procedure, ask your significant other whether he or she has a problem with your size.  If they say yes, dump them immediately.  They are not good enough for you.  However, my guess is that they are going to say that they love you just the way you are.  Trust them.  They are telling the truth.

Published By: Patricia I. James, Esq.
**No portion of this Post is intended to constitute legal or medical advice. The views expressed are solely those of the author**