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Summary: Just Don’t Do It (Phalloplasty Surgery)!

Although I have no personal knowledge of this, I have heard that, when men go to the restroom, they check out each other’s penis size.  I would be inclined to think this is true since where else would men get the idea that they are too small?

Having said that, there was a porn star in the late ‘60s to late ‘80s, one John C. Holmes, who  starred in over 2,000 porn movies.  Stories varied as to the length of his penis, anywhere from 12-5/8″ long to 13-1/2″ long.  At the height of his career, Holmes claimed to have had his penis insured by Lloyd’s of London for $14 million, claiming that he was insured “for $1 million an inch”.  Thus, maybe it is the legendary Mr. Holmes who fueled the “need” for men to make their penises larger.