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Summary: I had a Colonoscopy back in 2012, and I thought that I would tell you about my experience.

I started going to my Primary Care Physician a short time after I returned from Colorado in 2004.  Among other things, she advised that I should get a colonoscopy by the time I turned 60.  About once a year, she would bring it up and I would dutifully nod.  Finally, last July, she asked about it again and I said, “You told me I just needed to do it by the time I turned 60.”  She then replied something like, “YOU’RE GOING TO WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE 60?”  Lovely woman but a bit of a temper.  Anyway, I assured her that I would get it done.  However, I kept putting it off, dragging my feet, taking my time, until I realized that the big SIX ZERO was looming.  By the time I called to make an appointment, I could not get one until eleven days past my birthday.  Close enough.

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