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Let’s go back in time to the shooting at the theater in Aurora, Colorado. There was an article in the Washington Post on July 29, 2012 that addressed this and the impact it might have on cinema companies. (See Post #12). Following that, Ted Nugent opined that, “if a moviegoer had been carrying a “good gun,” the tragedy might have played out differently.” Please view the “Ted Nugent Slams Response to Aurora Shooting, Suggests Armed Moviegoers Could Have Prevented It” article published by Mollie Reilly with the Huffington Post.

My thoughts at the time were as follows:

“First, what is a “good gun?” An AR-15 rifle which Ted Nugent describes as a “universally proven sporting & self defense firearm?” (It’s actually an assault weapon). So now we are going to let movie goers stroll into a theater with rifles?